Monday, June 20, 2011

Mon 20 Jun

Rode the Caskill Mountains this morning. The map says they are part of the Appalachians. By 5 PM we had reached Vermont – Bennington to be exact. This place is an absolute picture in the green as we see it now but in the autumn it must be spectacular. Staying at a wonderful camp ground tonight where we can put our tents up on the grass rather than the rocks to date. Got my card sorted today – bloody bank is impossible to deal with. No wonder Bank of America never went down the tubes – you can't get to talk to anyone to get your own money out let alone borrow some. Everyone is fine and bikes all going well.

Sun 19 Jun

Still in transit. Goodbye Ohio, hello and goodbye Pennsylvania and Michigan and hello New York. The country side is very pretty up here and the buildings, even in the smallest of towns, are often quite stately. Sadly there are quite a few shops empty as the businesses have closed down. Some houses look abandoned also but for all that the streets are mostly tree lined. There has clearly been wealth up here in the past -many of the great homes are 3 and 4 stories tall and I suspect predate the civil war.

Sat 18 Jun

Tonight at Punderson State Park, Ohio. Delightful ride in the AM through corn fields with the odd Amish and Mennonite going about their business thrown in for good measure. Bank card declined today and efforts to contact bank turned to nothing. Rode the shore of Lake Erie for a while.

Fri 17 Jun

In transit through Iowa and Indiana. Visited the future birth place of Captain James T Kirk this morning. In the afternoon passing through Chicago was a mission with six lanes of traffic all at a standstill. Overnighted at an overpriced KOA in Middleberry, IN. Noticed a sign pointing to Sturgis – I assumed there was only one – in South Dakota.

Thur June 16

Left late in the afternoon and did 200 miles before calling it a day. Still in Iowa amongst the corn fields which for the moment are about 6” tall. Took the back roads through all the small towns on Rt 92, passed the covered bridges of Madison County and the birth place of John Wayne. Lots of standing water about so tonight we sleep to the sounds of frogs, dogs, hogs (Harley's) and a rail train.

Labrador Adventure 2011


Got to Franks place in Omaha OK to find Pete's bike had arrived. Over the next two days we did the links, fitted tyres, re-titled it and sorted out our luggage. Mine needed a new battery, both tyres and only just started with the stale fuel in the tank.