Saturday, September 27, 2008

27 Sep

A 6 hour ride to Natchez, Mississippi mostly along Route 65 which is a rough 2 lane road through cotton fields. The cotton is being harvested by machines that look similar to corn harvesters (corn is the other crop grown in vast quantities here) and bundled into huge 40 foot bales ready for processing. There are a number of processing plants along the road, all producing clouds of white dust. As you travel south the area gets more depressing. The housing gets squalid, the 'towns' are marred by vacant derelict buildings, abandoned cars, trucks and commercial facilities are every where. Around every convenience store there are groups of sour faced black youth. But God is alive and well here. Amongst this squalor there are fine churches mostly of the Baptist persuasion. This is the so-called bible belt of America, their religion is taken very seriously and the power of the church is not to be dismissed lightly. How do I know – well I have in my possession a pocket bible dedicated to the Christian Biker complete with picture of a Harley Davidson on its outer cover and a lapel pin that I might wear with pride now that I have taken the 'Lord Jesus Christ' into my heart. Oh, and a sticker that goes on the bike. Oh, and a business card from the Pastor with an open invitation to 'visit' with him any time. Free bike wash my arse.

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Mr E Boney said...

Good to see you've taken the Lord into you heart.We can only hope he doesn't make an appearance at our smoko table. At least now he will provide you with some company along the way!!!!! Travel safe.
The hardworking team at Ebony.