Thursday, April 2, 2015

Two days In Rio de Janeiro

We flew into Rio late on Sunday and found a place to stay for three nights at Copacabana Beach. The weather the next day did not look promising but we risked it and took a days bus tour of the city. First stop was at the iconic Christ the Redeemer. The drive up Corcovado was delightful but unfortunately the top was in the clouds so the statue was just a shape in the mist. I am told by the locals that viewing it on a clear day is a rare opportunity but all the same it was disappointing. The clouds lifted as the day progressed so we got to see Sugarloaf mountain and the sights from the lookout to the city in pretty good conditions. That evening we wandered down to the beach, shuffled around in the sand and stood in the Atlantic Ocean while the incoming waves soaked our trousers. We finished off the day with beer and pizza at a beach-side kiosk as the sun went down. Magic.
Next day we walked to and toured a old military fort and just generally goofed around taking in the sights of Copacabana Beach. And that was Rio de Janeiro.
This is what we came to see.

and this is the view we hoped to see

but this is all we saw

at least Sugarloaf mountain was in the clear.

Copacabana Beach

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