Friday, May 15, 2015

Two Weeks in Lima

First order of the day was to find the Honda dealer recommended in a HUBB report. I gave the dealer a list of items to attend to, the top item was the stator. To all our surprise two days later it was done and we could collect the bike. When pushed as to what he had done about the stator he got a little vague but assured us we were fine. We hardly got 10 minutes down the road and all the old symptoms were back so back to the dealer we went. This time he got an electrician in to check and he confirmed the stator was dead and needed rewinding. Two days later, rewind done, we are on our way for the second time. We got just a little further than last time. So back we go for the second time but this time to Endurance Motors, a dealer recommended by the Yamaha importer. Jackpot, within 5 minutes they diagnosed a poor rewind job, guaranteed to do the job properly and I would be gone on Thursday at the earliest. Unfortunately this was already Thursday so he was talking about a week away. Come Thursday as promised, rewind done and a Yamaha rectifier installed in place of the dead Suzi one plus a new battery and I am finally on my way after a 14 day stopover. Our schedule had us staying just one night. So, with 14 nights in a none to cheap hotel in Miraflores and a hefty repair bill it was sure an expensive stopover. The other expense was time. We can ill afford these kinds of delays so the others decided they needed to move on. I don't blame them. Robin and Dianne have decided to go the the Galapagos so their 5 day trip affords me the opportunity to catch them up in Quito. Colin has already been to the Galapagos some years ago when he sailed a yacht there so he will sit out the duration in Quito, Ecuador for the party to reform.
Downtown Lima

These balcony's are a feature of the old city.

The city centre

There's always a stature of some chap on a horse.

Lima is a desert city on the Pacific coast

These mini buses compete with taxis and regular buses 

A Miraflores "policeman". The residence pay this force and they are in addition to the national police. It works, Miraflores has no graffiti.

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