Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All at Sea in Fin del Mundo
Today is our second day in Ushuaia and both days have been stat holidays so all the travel agents are closed hence no progress on finding a cheap trip to Antarctica. The general consensus is that I might be unlucky anyway but we will see what tomorrow holds. Yesterday it snowed on the hills behind the town - well actually it snowed on the Andes at the back of town and we shivered most of the day. For today Colin and I took a boat trip into Beagle Chanel to visit some of the local wild life. It was a great trip and the birds, seals and penguins might just have to do if the antarctic is off.
Later in the day we rode out to the national park and stood by the sign that announces your arrival at the end of the world - fin del mundo. It's a sign that appears in just about every video, blog and what have you of the adventure biking world - but not this one. Strangely this is my second time at this sign. Funny how things turn out.
The road to Ushuaia

Two old pensioners wondering what all the other old pensioners are doing.

A sign but not THE sign.

Adventurers at our hostel

Penguin Island

Cute little fellas

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