Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ushuaia at Last
It's been a long 4,000 km since we left Santiago a week or so ago. Progress has been a little slow at times mostly bought about by the distances between accommodations. Not all towns on the map have places to stay so you are faced with 400+ km days or 800+ days. It was the lesser distance for us thanks all the same. We have also experienced some very long queues at border crossings and the same at petrol stations. The few border crossing completed have been an exercise in frustration. You are supposed to arrive at the counter with all forms completed but nowhere do you get to know what forms are needed or where you get them in the first place. Chile is a little better at organising things than Argentina but that really only means that some of their signs are in English..
We struck it wet and cold crossing the Magallan strait to Tierra del Fuego and later on, the worst gravel road imaginable. The pot holes were full of water and we got drenched a few times by trucks travelling in the opposite direction. We made Rio Grande by early evening and by pure chance arrived at the same hostel I stayed in a few years back. Then it was a tip but now it is up and running and was full.
It's quite cold now and so it should be. I am told that we are 1,000 km south of Invercargill and if you thought Invercargill was a cold hole then try this place. We will be here for a few days before we start the long journey north to Alaska.
Lunch at Millyways - restaurant at the end of the earth.

The Chilean gravel, sans the potholes

Hostel Argentina - slightly improved since 2009

Welcome to Tierra del Fuego

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