Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 7 & 8. Christchurch - Nelson - home.

The rain has stopped for the moment and the ride over Arthurs Pass is a visual delight. I’ve been over this pass a number of times but this is the first time it has looked like this so indulge me as I snap off a few shots to share.

I think this is why we like B-trains in NZ. The corner before this was very sharp but by the time I got my camera sorted out I missed it.

This sign had me worried for a moment wondering what might be lurking in the mist ahead.

A classic Canterbury braided river.

There is no getting past this guy in a hurry.

We are over the top of the pass here and heading for the West Coast which is renowned for its wet weather. I was not to be disappointed – I spent the rest of the day riding in the pouring rain.

Some of us are old enough to remember when trains once looked like this. I gather the rest of us must have grown up with Thomas the tank engine.

Chock full of salmon I follow my brother on his XT600 out of Nelson and back over the mountains to catch the ferry to Wellington. And yes it was raining in the hills.

Boarding the ferry at Picton with the other remnants from the rally. Today the sea will not be so calm.

If you think these decks look slippery, try the off ramp in Wellington. I made it home from here – 1,600 miles in total, 8 days and the end of another ‘Bert’.

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