Wednesday, February 11, 2009

11 Feb – San Rafael, Argentina

The usual confusion getting out of town but we managed to find the correct route and a gas station. The clue seemed to be to follow the signs to San Rafael.

It's hot as hell here. My guess is around 30 – 35 degrees and getting to sleep at night is a mission.

The ride to San Rafael was not very long but it was sure boring – thank God for an MP3 player. Off to the right are the Andes and off to the left are low hills and we are in this baking plain in the middle. It's like Texas with hills. The road has become a standard dual carriageway and some of the vehicles are pure POS. The Argentinians drive like Kiwi's – they drive fast, pass on yellow lines, blind corners and generally take no notice of the road rules.

We got our first sign of the famous (infamous?) Ruta 40 – and it was gravel. Today we turned off onto route 143 but we will meet Ruta 40 again soon.

Quote of the day: “don't worry I have the route memorised”.

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