Tuesday, February 10, 2009

8 Feb – San Filipe, Chile

It took us a while to navigate through Vina Del Mar and find the route to our nights stop. We never did find the fast route so ended up on a route that took us through all the back streets of the various towns and villages. There were many stops looking for directions and it was a very hot day. Some of these towns are pretty rough and many places look abandoned. One little collection of adobe buildings just down the road from us looked totally abandoned when we rode through them this afternoon but tonight we went past them again on our way to dinner. This time it was a busy little community with people out and about for the evening.

Dinner was at Restaurant La Ruca, an apparently historic Restaurant (based on the age of the photo's on the wall), with a dirt floor. Nice meal washed down with a can of beer.

Tomorrow it's off to Mendoza which is about 300 km away and in Argentina.

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