Friday, February 13, 2009

12 Feb – Chos Malal, Argentina

A long 500km day with a large dose of gravel to make it interesting. There was a time when the road was sealed but years of neglect has taken its toll. The country is high plains desert so it is largely featureless and the wind whips up clouds of dust. Boring would best describe the days ride. The one exciting moment was nearly pole-axing a couple of donkeys standing in the middle of the road. They certainly weren't impressed by my presence and just stood there. The gravel did not suit all of our party but nobody bit the dust.

We had lunch in a delightful little tree studded town after about 200 km. None of us filled up which was a big mistake. The towns on the map were more like dusty two-house “villages” with horses, dogs and donkeys – and no gas. Three of us made it to the next gas station and three ran out en route.

Tonight we are in Chos Malal, a dusty desert town with a blast furness wind blowing. Spent the early evening at a cafe with the usual round of cervezas then off to a BBQ (asado) restaurant. The Argentinians certainly live well.

Quote of the day: “No problem, I'll fill up at the next town”.

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