Thursday, February 26, 2009

23 Feb – Rio Grande, Argentina

We have reached what the map calls 'Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego'. There is a short hectic ferry ride to get to the island. If the landscape further North appeared barren then this place beats it hands down but for all that there are sheep grazing the paddocks.

We crossed back into Chile for a while then back into Argentina again which added to the days ride experience. The second crossing was later in the afternoon when the wind was at its peak and boy did it blow. The border post felt God forsaken when we crossed but what it would be like in winter I cannot imagine. The wind is so strong in the later afternoon it seems to me to be unwise to ride. Certainly the trucks attempt to be off the road by this time.

Some of the group are having tyre problems that will need addressing very soon. My tyres are holding up well and will see me to the end and my bike is also holding up well but the Scott Oiler died long ago. I've had to resort to washing items of clothing each night because laundry facilities are scarce and as a result have way to many clothes on board.

We are seeing other bikers on the road as we near Ushuaia, a German and a Dutchman yesterday and we seem to have picked up a Guatemalan who is going to tag along for a few days.

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