Saturday, February 14, 2009

14 Feb - San Carlos de Bariloche, Agentina

A 400-odd km ride today for a total of around 2000km to date. At the start it looked as if it was to be another boring desert ride but in the end it turned out quite nice. We even had corners, hills and clouds. We have revisited Ruta 40 but this time it was all tar seal and we seem to have left the Police checkpoints behind. We were stopped three times recently, each time all the documents were inspected by police seemingly just going through the motion. Political checks they are, so I don't know who they are looking for. Not us old farts.

The boys were good to me today – they insist they did my laundry in the middle of the night. This was because the town water supply was shut off in the middle of the wash cycle and I expressed intense displeasure over it.

The traffic is getting a little lighter as we head south but the driving manners have not improved. At least wannabe bikers in automobiles still wave like mad. We thought we had met some kindred spirits today in the form of another group of bikers. Germans – oh well.

Very little wild life except a couple of Rhea.

We have arrived in a cool little town on the edge of a huge lake – it's sort of like Queenstown – and our hostel is a stones throw from the lake. The other group join us tomorrow so we get to swap notes. If we plan things well we will crank up the BBQ (asado).

Sight of the day: a guy in the middle of the longest road you can imagine with a bucket of paint and a roller painting the dotted centre line by hand.

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tony said...

I like the guy in orange overalls. That sort of thing makes the trip. Tony (Zaloum).

PS Hi dad from all of us, we brought that house you looked at with us. Happily, you get back just in time to help us move, you're a champ. XX