Wednesday, March 11, 2009

11 Mar – Puerto Varas, Chile
Our first wet day in ages and the day we decided to ride the gravel. I suppose miserable might describe the ride. Aside from the crappy weather the road surface was from hell – pot holes in pot holes and wash board by the miles. No views to speak of on account of the mist and fogged up visor. We were rescued by a puncture. It was fixed and in a nano second agreed to turn back. We weren't quite in the back end of nowhere but as someone said you could see it just down the road.
Waiting for the ferry we befriended a fat little stray dog. He had a repertoire of tricks from tail and hip wags, longing looks to rolling over (in the mud) for a tummy scratch, after which he expected payment in the form of food. Judging by his girth he has a successful act. We gave him a biscuit with brie topping.
Ah, the things you see.

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Johnny said...

Hi Don,
Did you go to the Brass Monkey. Looked like plenty of cold and snow for the enthusiasts.