Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 Mar- El Calafate, Argentina
We have caught up to the group that were originally behind us and have decided to ride as one group from now on. Our little group is now 4, down from 7 and the other is 4, down from 8. That was until they decided to move on and help out one member further north whose 1200 GS has spat the dummy. So back to quatro amegos.
Today we did the 160 km round trip out to the Moreno Glacier in the Parque Nacional Glaciares. We duly paid our 60 pesos at the gate and within no time were presented with the most spectacular glacier terminal you could ever imagine. To say it is huge is to understate it entirely. The face is 4 km across and 60 metres high and this ice mountain runs 14 km back up the valley until it disappears into the mist. It presents itself as a series of ice stalagmites of teal blue that crack with the sound of rifle shots. Every now and then huge lumps of it come crashing down into the lake. This was a truly awe inspiring experience and no future glacier will measure up to this monster. Money well spent.
The ride back into town was no less spectacular. Think of the road past Lake Tekapo - milky blue lake stretching to the base of a snow capped mountain backdrop. But now think of the lake also reaching to the horizon in the other direction that with no hills in the distance to give it a boundary you could imaging the water pouring over some giant fall. It is Lago Argentino and it is huge.

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