Tuesday, March 10, 2009

6 Mar - Bajo Caracoles, Argentina
Today was a serious attack on Route 40 and as a result we are ahead of our schedule. The road is in serious need of a grader and in places appears almost non existent. There is some sign of work being done because there is a long stretch of diversion road next to a nice new one being built. Also some sections are being sealed. Ruta 40 is a little like Route 66 - once a famous road that for the most part has been absorbed by other roads or bypassed altogether.
Caracoles is a dusty one-horse town with a gas station, pub and a cluster of ramshackle buildings one of which has been turned into a hostel, our nights accommodation. When the intercity bus stops for refreshments the towns population doubles. This is outback Argentina at its best (worst?).

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