Tuesday, March 10, 2009

4 Mar – El Calafate, Argentina
Back into Argentina today. The border crossings are becoming less perilous now we sort of know the routine. The key is to beat the bus to the officials otherwise you are stuck behind 40 jabbering tourists – not that we aren't tourist also. The wind is still with us but our riding days are quite short so we are often off the road by the time they get strong.
Ruta 40 is not the horror promised – todays stretch could be taken at 90kph. We get serious doses of it in a couple of days.
Tonights accommodation is a brand new hostel which unfortunately they are cramming 6 persons to a room that would/should struggle to accommodate 2. The bottom line is that they are getting NZ $300 per room. The backpackers don't seem to care.

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