Monday, March 2, 2009

2 Mar- Pto. Natales, Chile
We are here for a couple of days ostensibly to do the tourist thing around the area. Only problem is that the day is overcast and as cold as hell and a trip on the lake tomorrow is not that appealing just now. Pto. Natales is a miniature version of Taupo - a cold hole on the edge of a lake.
Our group of seven is now down to three. One bailed out at the first sight of the gravel and has taken a boat ride up north to bypass Ruta 40, one has a broken bike and may have to truck it back Valpraiso and his riding companion is suffering a medical issue regarding her leg and is flying back to Mendosa for an operation. So for the moment we are the Tres Amigos. One will rejoin tomorrow.

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