Friday, August 21, 2009

19 Aug – Cheyenne, WY

Got to Boulder without problem and met up with Gavin – with shiny new looking silver and black Vulcan. What with one thing and another we never left till after lunch and headed north to Cheyenne. It was our intention to head West across the plains of Wyoming to Salt Lake City ostensibly to have a look at the Mormon Tabernacle. I quite like the open spaces of Wyoming and South Dakota so this was promising to be a nice ride.

I saw here for the first time one of the original style motor hotels, later to be shortened to Motel, where the motor vehicle had its own 'garage' next to room being rented. Right here in the main street of Cheyenne which has to be said was once the main route before the interstate was built. I80 killed most of these places as did the building of I40 to Route 66.

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