Tuesday, August 25, 2009

24 Aug – Laughlin, NV

No joy with getting Gavin's bike registered. First it was “the computers are down” in Holbrook then in Winslow the price was higher than expected so the whole idea of registering the bike was shelved. So there we were standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona .......... Just had to get that in – the ADOT (LTSA equivalent) in Winslow really is on a corner.
The ride here to Laughlin at 300 miles was of little consequence being all on I40. Laughlin is a casino town, a sort of poor mans Las Vegas, located
at the end of a lake. While it looks nice it is as hot as hell sitting as it does in a natural basin bounded by hills. The heat is trapped in the basin and just seems to notch up with each hour. Not much relief at night either. Thank goodness for air conditioning.
Tomorrow we go in separate directions, Gavin to Los Angeles while I head north towards San Francisco.

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