Sunday, August 30, 2009

28 Aug – Mindon, NV

The return back to Stockton was to be completed within a day and going via hwy 88 and thus avoiding the monotony of I80. Well we got as far as Reno when VSP's F650 blew its radiator fluid all over the place. Turns out that it was the fan at fault. It was fixed at the local BMW dealer so we made it to Mindon for the day. We booked into a huge hotel/Casino and had dinner in the dining room. With jeans and T shirts we were a little under dressed but the staff forgave us when we purchased an excellent Rodney Strong Merlot from the Sonoma Valley.

Next Day. Back to Stockton by mid day. Lovely ride while it was cool but it soon warmed up to around 90 degrees as we left the mountains for the flat. Rest of the day devoted to route planning for the next week.

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