Friday, August 21, 2009

20 Aug – Salida, CO

Ever flexible, we shelved the plans of yesterday and instead decided a tour of Colorado might not be better. We took hwy 85 south out of Cheyenne, through rural northern Colorado, passed Greeley and made our way to I70 West from Denver. I70 from Denver through to Grand Junction must be one of the most beautiful main highways in the US. The road climbs to around 10,000 feet as it crosses the Rocky Mountains. At the summit there is a huge tunnel I remember from an earlier ride when we stopped to don wet weather gear. When it rains up here it buckets down. I remember the tunnel more for the sight of VSP head down bum up cannoning out of the tunnel in full flight, heading as we were to find out later, for a motel to wait out the rain. He comes from California.

We turned left onto hwy 91 to Leadville and Salida but not before having a bite to eat for lunch in Idaho Springs. Along this part of I70 are a number of tiny settlements that grew out of the mining activities. The mining of ore has long gone to be replaced by the mining of tourists. Tonight we are in Salida where by pure chance we are in the midst of a Gold Wing rally. The town is full of yellow whispering Tupperware machines with riders in matching his and hers riding gear. I guess there will be no room at the Dairy Queen so we will have to settle for a couple of 9 oz fillet steaks at the place next door. Photo 728

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