Friday, July 1, 2011

Mon 27 June

For the past two days we have been riding the abandoned rail trail of Newfoundland. The first 120 miles took us all day coping with woops, potholes and stuff. The heavy bikes bottomed out all the time. First night on the trail we finally stopped at a full camp ground on the edge of a lake. Today the trail headed inland no longer following the road. It got much better and we made good time to Deer Lake. Some deep gravel caught a couple of us out with a minor fall. Traffic on the trail consisted of mostly ATV's but oddly there was some guy driving a PT Cruiser despite little room available and signs forbidding cars etc.

We have ridden around 300 km on the trail and have seen parts of the island that most Noofies have not visited. Now we head towards Labrador. We stayed in a neat camp run by a mother and her son which had a bar. Entertained by the locals proved a laugh – if only we knew what they were saying. She's a strange dialect of english is this Noofy. Tomorrow we head up the northern peninsular to visit a Viking landing site.

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Tony said...

Hi Don. Can you say hi dad (Peter) for me? :o)