Monday, July 11, 2011

Sun 3 July.

Good bye Labrador and hello Quebec. The road we are on will lead us to Baie-Comeau and the St Lawrence Seaway and I suppose the start of civilisation. It rained most of yesterday and all last night and was still raining when we left for the last of the gravel. At least the road had some curves - a relief after the endless straight roads of the past few days. We were getting along at a reasonable pace on the gravel when a chap on a Ducati hyper motard went past us as if we were standing still. Step aside Barry Briggs. Seems he does the trip twice a week just for fun. As we get closer to civilisation the traffic is increasing. We are heading to a hydro project called Manic 5 and will do the tour tomorrow. In the meantime we will have to camp on the side of the road because there are no camp grounds around here and the motels are permanently booked by construction workers. The roads are still flanked by endless trees and the mosquito's and black flies drive us mad. We finished the gravel today after over 1,000 km of it. Every one here speaks French so getting anything done is a bit of a mission.

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