Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sun 9 July

We packed up our tents this morning for the last time and hit the Interstate West. After 2 days riding the flat plains of Illinois and Iowa we made it back to Omaha mid afternoon. It's been over three weeks and 6,700 miles since we left. We are all tired, suffer from bug bites and sore rumps but we achieved what we set out to do - ride Newfoundlands abandoned rail line and traverse the great gravel road that is the Trans Labrador Highway. Franks DL650 was the only bike that did not need some attention during the ride but all our bikes need servicing. Pete and I will change the oil and replace the worn out tyres over the next couple of days and repack for South Dakota on Wednesday.

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rz said...

Hi Don.
Thanks for your blog, I've really been enjoying hearing of your adventures and imagining Dad (Peter) crusing along with you. I hope you enjoy your jaunt through South Dakota! Take care and HI DAD!. Rachel z