Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thur 7 July

We had a delightful ride out of the Adirondaks this morning through quaint villages and then the back roads (more like back blocks) to Rochester. The back roads were an eye opener for the number of derelict and abandoned houses. Those that were lived in were pretty crappy. The contrast with the lovely home in Rochester was incredible. Made it to Niagara Falls late in the afternoon and went back into Canada for the better view. The falls are quite grand and pictures don't do them justice. It was also teaming with tourists. In the early evening we rode out through Buffalo looking for accommodation. Buffalo was once a major industrial city but is in serious decline. There are abandoned industrial facilities every where you look. The abandoned steel mill looks quite Dickensian and one wall still bears the 'together we stand' logo of the steel workers union.

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