Monday, July 11, 2011

Sat 2 July

Pete's bike failed to start this morning (it was just a gummed up switch) and mine needs radiator repairs which we solved with JB Weld. Finally left Churchill Falls just before lunch time for the 250km ride to Labrador City. Rained all the way so tonight we are camping in a motel again. Labrador city is a coal mining town and is pretty much a company town as well. Again, one big building holds just about every thing, but over the years other business have established themselves as the city has grown. Met a number of other riders today heading in the opposite direction. Most were from Quebec and GS1200 mounted with all the gear and they were very keen to know what the road surface was like to Red Bay. Good luck with the marbles chaps – did we mention the marbles? - maybe not. Anyway guys ya got 400 km of it.

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