Monday, July 11, 2011

Tue 5 July

It's like being in a foreign country here in Quebec. All the signs are in French only and it's hard to find an English speaker. A benefit however is this mornings breakfast of crapes, fruit and syrup – delicious. We are stuck here in paradise while Terry goes back to last nights camp site to look for his phone. He later found it in his pants pocket. Our time was spent sipping a nice white wine in a cafe on the foreshore of this quaint town. The sun is out and we have a cooling sea breeze. Life is tough on the road at times. Early in the afternoon we took a look at this.

Later in the afternoon we drive through Quebec City for a look-see. It seems to be about the size of Wellington and has a lot of brown stone buildings. Seems a nice place with surprisingly little traffic at 5.30 PM. Tomorrow we will take a quick look at Montreal.

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