Friday, July 1, 2011

Sat 25 June

We have traveled over 2800 miles and the transit portion is over. Disembarked at Agentia, Newfoundland - pronounced new fin land by the locals. Met a local couple, Dee and Barry, who took me to the local Kawasaki dealer where I got the chain and later we went to their place to fit it. They also showed us the sight of St John's, the town, signal hill and the furtherest easterly motorable road in Nth America. In the afternoon we rode to the start of the rail trail at Clarenville. Weather gray and cold. Tried some Noofy food – not good – cod tongues and refried pork fat. Yuk.

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Barry said...

LOL I still see the look on Don's face when sampling the Newfie delicacy of pan fried Cod tongues and scrunchuns (fried cubed salt pork fat)

Obviously not a fan. :-)Happy to have met you guys and was a pleasure offering a little help to fellow bikers (although it was mostly Dee's doing )
Take Care