Friday, July 23, 2010

16 July - Friday
The National Motorcycle Museum was excellent and had a bit of everything. Evel Kinevils Harley was there along with some memorabilia relating to his exploits. Also on display was the only surviving Captain America bike from the picture Easy Rider. It was the one used in the crash scene at the end of the movie and rebuilt some years after the movie. This museum used to be at Sturgis, SD and was moved to Iowa to improve its fortunes. A brave move I would have thought but it has paid off apparently. They get around 150 visitors per day and more on the weekends. They had on display a Yamaha TY250 trials bike - I used to ride one way back in the 70's - never thought it would be a museum piece.
Visited a covered bridge in Madison County - remember the movie of the same name with Clint Eastwood and Meril Streep - well stick to the movie.
I will make Milwaukee today and visit the HD museum tomorrow morning.

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