Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 21 Lost Frank today for a short period but we reconnected later in the day just in time to bid farewell to Alberta and say hello to Saskatchewan. Much of today was on the Transcontinental (hwy 16). This Provence is awfully flat and the land so far has been devoted to crops - mostly wheat and rape (canola oil). The rape is in flower so there is a lovely yellow tinge to the landscape. We are in Battleford tonight.

Day 22
We are back in Montana after pretty much another day riding through vast area of crops on roads that disappear into the horizon. Frank wonders whether there is enough machinery in the world to harvest the stuff let alone ponder as to where it all goes. Houses are all tucked behind belts of trees presumably as a shelter from winters arctic blast. Towards the border suddenly it all stops and you enter grassland prairie. The info board says it goes from here to mid Texas. It also informs me that the temps range from -55 to +45 degrees C. I don't know about +45 but is is 95 degree F at 7 PM.

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