Friday, July 23, 2010

21 Jul - Wednesday
Fine again and back into the States and this time a great ride next to the lake. The Yanks don't seem so attached to the three as the Canadians - they cut them down so you can see the lake. It is also quite cool. The lake is apparently very cold and it definitely has a chilling effect on the surrounds.
The traffic in Duluth was hellish on account the whole roading system was being updated and all at once. It was detour after detour, thankfully the car in front seemed to know where they were going. I'm without GPS or map so the suck it and see method of navigation has its moments.
This navigation method got me in trouble later on as I approached Minneapolis/St Paul. I'm following I35 South and suddenly I'm given the choice of I35E or I35W - no south. I take West - wrong - that took me through the larger of the two cities and into the 5pm traffic. Spent ages crawling along at a snails pace and again not helped by road works.
Spare ribs for tea tonight - yum

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