Friday, July 23, 2010

20 Jul - Tuesday
It rained for most of the day and these next three days have to be big mileages so there is no whimping out. I am now in Canada again and riding the Ontario side of Lake Superior. Sadly I can't see much of the lake either on account of the trees or the fog so it's all a bit of a letdown really. Hope tomorrow improves. Had intended to make it back into the States by nightfall but instead stopped at Thunder Bay and stayed at the KOA. Big mistake - ripoff best describes the experience. Won't ever stay here again.
Earlier in the day I filled up at a place called Wawa. It's a small town which has a huge statue of a goose with wings outspread stuck on a plinth. In lieu of an old aeroplane they used a duck. There was also one on the gas station roof and I saw another one of similar gigantic proportions just down the road. Seems the goose is called a wawa. I was left the the overwhelming conclusion that a 3 year old won that discussion - look mum a wa wa, no honey that's a goose, alright.

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