Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 19
Today we turn south and go back home - it's a good 5 days away yet however. We have had some remarkable strokes of luck on this ride. The first was the family that helped us push our bikes up a steep loose gravel bank, the second was the KTM rider who happened across my flat tyre problem. Without his tools and spare tube my predicament would have been unenviable to say the least and today it happened again. Frank bought a tyre in Yellowknife 'just in case' and within 40 miles of leaving YN his rear tyre delaminated. We had two problems - getting the bead to release and the prospect that 3 gas bottles may not inflate the thing. The knight in shining armour this time was Greg, a trucker hauling two bulk cement trailers behind his Western Star tractor unit. He had tools that fixed the bead problem and the air system of the truck inflated the newly installed tyre. And he will dump the old tyre, and handed out the Coca Cola and hand cleaner and towel. You are a champ Greg and we are enormously greatful for your help. We missed you at MacKenzie River ferry but we caught up with you (or at least your truck) again at Indian Cabin. I trust you got rid of the mosquito's from your sleeping berth.
Must also make mention of the wonderful hospitality shown to us by Leon at Indian Cabin Fas Gas store. While Greg was asleep in his truck cab we were drinking beer and telling tales over in the store.

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