Friday, July 23, 2010

Sat 17 July
The bike park here in front of the HD Museum is as to be expected, full of Harleys. There is a sole Victory, a BMW RT and slightly dirty ratty looking trail bike festooned with ill-fitting panniers and drying laundry consisting of towel, socks and underpants. And there are no Harleys parked next to it.
The museum building is impressive and gives a sort of new heart to an industrial wasteland. This area is past its manufacturing prime - the once busy buildings now stand quiet and empty, their tall chimneys now the domain of pigeons. Inside this spectacular building is a no less spectacular display. It is all about Harley Davison of course (and a little bit of Buell) and mostly it is the story of the Motor Company in words, pictures and metal. It devotes space to WWII, competition through the ages and in all its various forms, customs, movies and finally as you walk back into the lobby a chance for your own Kodak moment on your favourite bike - me, the XLCR. In another building there is a seperate display devoted to the life and times of Evel Kenevel (billed at $16) but given away free with a standard admission ticket. I guess Evel is not the draw he once was. I did not take up their kind offer either.
This afternoon I ride up the Michigan peninsular following the shore of one of the great lakes, Lake Michigan, as I head towards Lake Superior. I will be in the land of the Yoopers as the Upper Peninsular inhabitants are called.

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