Friday, July 23, 2010

18 Jul, Sunday
Rained all day today, without let-up, for the ride north. My objective was to visit Munising on Lake Superior to take a glass bottom boat ride to view a ship wreak. No luck today so I read up on the sinking of the 729 foot long ore carrier Edmond Fitzgerald. I recall the Gordon Lightfoot song of the same. It went down in a severe storm on Lake Superior in November 1975 taking with her the lives of all 29 crew and 29,000 tons of taconite pallets (iron ore). It lies on the bottom in three pieces, the likely result of breaking her back in the huge seas. And she was just 17 miles from the relative safety of Whitefish Bay.
Stopped for the night with some other bikers in some dump of a motel, rain still bucketing down. So no tent tonight and right now it is off to the Lumberjack Bar & Grill over the road for supper (dinner). I can tell you what is on the menu before I even leave the motel door - *!#@ burgers. That's the Lumberjack Bar in the picture.

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