Sunday, October 12, 2008

11 Oct – Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Breakfast with scrapple – a sort of pork like substance. A product to close to the pig for me – they have managed to make it taste like a pig smells. Toured Rough and Tumble tractor and engine museum. They had a live steam-up of traction engines, demo's of corn processing machinery and sawmill operations. Took an Amish buggy ride with a dopey driver so learned nothing but got a couple of good pictures en route. Visited an Amish farm and the rail road museum at Strasburg and yes I took the train ride. Sort of a busy day really. Have decided to skip Washington DC partly to do with high motel prices this weekend (it's Columbus Day weekend) and the thought that it might be more of a weeks experience rather than a couple of days. Instead I am going to tour the outer banks of Virginia and North Carolina. That means Norfolk Navel Base and Kitty Hawke.
Politically it's all about the stock market collapse despite the bail out plan. The elections are just starting to get down and dirty - the Republicans seem to have lost control of their interest groups and McCain had to defend Obama at one rally. Not good. Also not good is an emerging story of voter enrollment fraud by an organisation call Acorn. Acorn has an unhealthy association with the sub prime mortgage affair and Obama once had a close association with Acorn. An unflattering report on Palin has just emerged - seems she cannot separate her private life from her public role. Three weeks to go and three weeks for McCain to find his bollocks. Petrol has just dropped to below $3 - I've paid as high as $4.20 so $3 is good news.

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