Sunday, October 5, 2008

5 Oct – Blue Ridge Parkway

A real late start this morning mostly bought about by trying to find a WIFI connection. Eventually I hooked into the Appalachian State University system by sitting in the car park outside the administration building – thankfully it is Sunday here. That's only half the reason I have made no progress today. I came across a sign saying Blue Ridge Music Centre and another saying 'live music' – well that finished the afternoon off. There was a master class for blue grass guitar players in the hall while outside there was a jam session initially by some very talented experienced players and then by a bunch of kids who were also attending classes. The idea with the kids is to keep traditional mountain music alive. I am reminded of the line from O Brother – 'them's a mighty fine pickin and a singing'. Any of you guitar players recognise the guy in the beard?
I experienced more of the Appalachians this evening when I went into town for dinner (they call it supper here). The homes and the businesses are hard to describe so I will return down the road tomorrow morning and take some pictures. On the way to supper I called into a roadside fruit and vege stall and bought my first bunch of fruit since being here. After supper the stall was closed but the oddest thing was that the produce was still laid out for all to see - and steal. The last time I saw this was with Gavin Q when we were up in Wyoming when farm supplies (wire, posts, netting etc) were left unsecured in the yard of the supply store. I guess they don't lock their homes either.
The autumn colours are back, the weather has been warm and delightful and every picnic spot, and there are lots of them, are full with picnickers. Today has been a great day.

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kelly said...

Don, Looks like you are having a good time. Sure enjoyed our visit, hope to see you again soon.