Thursday, October 9, 2008

6 Oct – Blue Ridge Parkway

I some how made a 600 mile journey out of the 460 mile parkway but now it is at an end. I did the last 200 miles today. The Blue Ridge Parkway would have to be one of the best rides I have done in a very very long time. You could lie on the grass at a picnic spot in the autumn sun, eat your apple while looking out over the mountains and for a moment kid yourself that it came from one of A.P. Carters original trees. It has been a most delightful way to get from Mississippi to Virginia. Sure, the 45 mph speed limit made it a slow ride but it would have been a waste to have gone faster and the beauty was that there were very few cars and lots of motor bikes. No matter where you stopped, another biker would pull up and a conversation would ensue. Tonight I am holed up in Waynesboro (no WIFI) and a young boy with a broad Kiwi accent spoke to me – they moved here from Auckland. His father still has his NZ drivers license and there are pictures of NZ in the office along with portrates of an Indian spiritual leader. Tomorrow I will make it to Sharpsboro via Skyline Drive. In the meantime I must brush up on my civil war history.

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