Tuesday, October 28, 2008

26 Oct – Alamogordo, New Mexico

The ride from Carlsbad to Roswell was a little cool but at least it was sunny. There is nothing much to recommend Roswell to anyone, it's just a service town for a rural area. Without the alien crash story nobody would ever stop. But stop they do and according to the visitor book at the Alien Museum and Research Centre, they come from all over the world. On this subject I am a skeptic but it certainly captures the imagination of a lot of people.
The ride from Roswell to Alamogordo was through a river valley which was in full autumn splendor. Down here autumn has just arrived whilst further north around Nebraska the first winter snows have already fallen. Between Alamogordo here and the San Andres Mountains is the White Sands missile test range. At the southern end is a huge gypsum deposit (the white sands) accessible to the public. It's a great visit and unlike any sand dunes I've seen in the past. A group of us stayed till night fall and did a walking tour with a Park Ranger. Hence my overnight here – I had intended to be much further north to ease the distance tomorrow.
Tomorrow it's back to Holbrook.

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