Thursday, October 23, 2008

23 Oct – Texas

It was still cold and wet when I left Lafayette but the rain soon stopped however the cold didn't go away and at sundown it got really cold. There is actually a cold front coming through and will be around for a few days. I've been lucky weather wise throughout the whole trip eg thunderstorms lashed Key West 2 days after I left and here in southern Texas Hurricane Ike was tearing the place up as I was riding in the north.
I've taken to riding with a small radio and a set of ear buds to relieve the boredom of 800km days. Trouble is that half the radio stations are religious ones. Frankly this religious thing is starting to get on my nerves. I saw three people on TV the other night talking about how they are helping solved the current financial problem by praying – and they were deadpan serious. Then I met a guy at a rest area who had the most beautiful Screaming Eagle Road King. He told me God had blessed him. Seems God told him to trade his old Fat Boy and guided him to select the new bike – a NZ $45,000 item and what's more God would provide for the payments. I've heard some crap stories justifying indulgent extravagance but this one takes the cake. Oh and he was dead serious also. I have told a couple of these zealots that their willingness to suspend their objectivity and their unquestioning acceptance of dogma scares me to death. I think of this as I ride to tonights stop – Waco, Texas. Actually Waco is quite a large town and not full of nutters.
Today I bought my first gallon of 93 octane for under $3.00 ($2.64). A month ago I paid $4.20 a gallon. Now ten bucks fills the tank. The other surprise today was crossing into Texas and seeing exit 878. On the West border there is exit number 1 which means Texas is about 880 miles across at this latitude.

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