Tuesday, October 21, 2008

21 Oct – Heading North

Last night was the last hurrah for the Keys. From a restaurant on a quay, an evening meal of Keys Conch (pronounced konk) chowder and the ubiquitous burger but of chicken breast with peppercorn Parmesan and home made chips (yank version of crisps) and Key Lime pie (this was worth killing for) washed down with a cold Miller Lite. All the while watching the sun set over the Golf of Mexico and the heavens slowly turning from orange to blue to black. Finally a dip in the pool. Sadly it's goodbye to the sun, the sea and Bulla shirts.
An early start this morning for the 800km ride to I10 – I made it in 10 hours. The only thing remotely interesting was the run through Alligator Ally. I saw a couple of alligators in the water but they were gone by the time I could turn back. Sadly there was one dead on the road. The Yanks seem to want to run everything down that moves. I've seen squirrel, cats, armadillo, skunk, raccoon, elk and now an alligator – all death by Dunlop. One nearly got me today – the pricks will not indicate (or look) when changing lanes. The truckies are the only ones with road manners.

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