Wednesday, October 15, 2008

14 Oct – Kitty Hawk

The riding weather of late – actually ever since the blazing heat of Arizona – has been absolutely delightful and it has not rained on me yet. The mid 70's that I have been experiencing are above average temperatures according to the weather channel which won't last apparently but I am heading to Florida so should expect a continuance of the warm. The ride from Norfolk this morning was nothing spectacular and it is only now that I have any idea that I am on the Outer Banks. The sea and sand dunes are a give away. Tonight I am camped on the beach overlooking the bay and have just experienced the most delightful sun set. Now the mosquitoes are feeding on me and the light is fading fast. I had intended to make it off the Banks and back onto the mainland for nightfall but time spent at Kitty Hawk meant I would have to catch the 10pm ferry for the two and a half hour ride to .
Kitty Hawk, which is mainly the reason for being on the Outer Banks, has a National Park dedicated to the Wright brothers and their place in aviation history. The wording on the promotional brochure has a particularly pedantic style regarding what is being celebrated. I suspect Richard Pearce is not the only pretender to the first aviator crown. For all that, their story is one of single minded dedication, scientific experiment, great craftsmanship leading to quite spectacular results. These were no mere tinkers in a farm shed that stumbled upon success and probably quite rightly stand at the top of the heap. There is another monument down the road celebration 100 years of aviation milestones. There is a comment something to the effect that within 2 generations of the 1903 flight man had reached the moon.

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