Wednesday, July 23, 2008



Calcium carbide sticks like shite

Met the other biker at breakfast so we hung around for the day. Deadhorse is all the world like a giant construction site full of F250's and tracked vehicles. The dorm blocks are on blocks, no vegitation everywhere and for $120 I get a sitting room with TV, bed and shower and all food. Ex military people will recognise the dining arrangements. At night it is foggy, there is no one on the streets and there is the constant rumble of generators. I guess the temperature to be about zero.
Got to dabble my feet in the arctic ocean which was a little lame compared to the swimmer who jumped in quite unconcerned by the ice flow just off shore. This is as far north as I can go.
I farewelled my friend at about 6PM. He was going to ride back south during the "night" because the calcium carbide on the road would be hard. He accompanied a Colombian who we met at the Caribou Inn. The Colombian had just arrived from Fairbanks (about 500 miles south of here), got his picture taken as a trophy and was heading back. Is that what GS1200's do for you? As a postcript: he was to come to an unfortunate end about a week later with a crash that wrote his bike off.