Wednesday, July 23, 2008


10 Jun
Had breakfast in Coldfoot with a Canadian trucker and learned of the trials of running the Dalton in the winter - now I know why there are gaps in the armco in the Brooks mountains. Met up with a group of bikers on KLR's heading to Deadhorse who had one of their party ride off the road and die. They were arranging to fly the body back when I met them. They think he may have had a lapse of concentration or a heart attack - it was a straight road.
Ride into Fairbanks uneventful but missed the sign pointing to the arctic circle sign. I was keen to show what is behind the camera - picnic tables.
Spent $10 at a car wash trying to get the baked on calcium carbide off the bike. Also gave the riding gear a bit of a wash under a tap in the camping ground. Met the two bikes I saw at Deadhorse - recognised the Buell Ulysses.
Picture of bike and tent taken at 20 past midnight - without flash.