Wednesday, July 23, 2008


11 Jun
Did a bit of bike maintenance in the morning - chain took a battering on the Dalton. Breakfast of reindeer sausage (you are not supposed to call it caribou when you eat it) and met a delightful couple from Florida on a Goldwing. They are a long way from home for sure. Also met the party from Coldfoot - they still could not shed any light on why their friend died*. It turned out he was the organiser of their little adventure and the father of one the the other riders. All this in the breakfast cafe. Delightful ride to Paxon which is the start of the Denali hwy for me. I'm riding it this way because you ride towards Mt McKinley rather than away from it and if you get lucky might see it without cloud - no such luck. Met up again with the California BMW couples last seen at Telegraph creek.
Tyres only just holding out. I doubt that they will make it to Vancouver.
* In Anchorage, a few days later, I was told of this accident. By now the story had escalated to 'he had nowhere to go trying to dodge the traffic'. BS clearly travels at the speed of light.