Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whitehorse to Prince Rupert

Three days for this leg. Tim Horton's is a coffee shop sort of in the Starbucks mould but better and is a Canadian institution. Had breakfast there in Whitehorse - not bad and with good coffee. It sure is popular with the locals.
Have decided to skip the icefields parkway and instead do the boat trip from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. This means retracing my steps down the Cassier hwy so day one was the long trip back to Watson Lake, followed in day 2 the 440km to Bell II and day 3 into Prince Rupert. Nothing much to report en route. Was entertained by a fellow camper at Bell II with an endless supply of red wine and the cutest husky pup. Experienced the dark at night for the first time in a long while - I guess the land of the midnight sun has gone.
By now it is the end of Jun and in the intervening month the wild flowers are starting to appear. It is also noticeably warmer. The run from Terrace to the Port along the Sheena River was lovely and I get friendly with a tame crow.
Arrived at Port Hardy late afternoon and camped in an RV park next to the ferry terminal. Grumpy sour faced sods running the place but they had a shower.
It's been a tough few days what with getting little sleep at night due to the cold and the long distance travelled.