Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Watson Lake

2 Jun
Finished the Cassier Hwy today including taking a side trip into Cassier which is shown as abandoned on the map. There is actually a mining operation there these days. The Cassier finishes at a T junction – go right to Watson Lake, go left to Whitehorse. Had to go to Watson Lake for the signpost forest – there are hundreds of signs from all around the world nailed on posts in the town centre. Took a photo of a German couple who needed the photo for their local newspaper on account that they had just hammered up their hometown sign. Met the Aussie from yesterday again.
So far the journey has been quite unremarkable mostly because there is nothing to see along the road other than boreal forest. Spent the night in my tent about 120 km towards Whitehorse on the Alaska hwy. The scenery is getting better and prices are starting to rise. Gas is $1.50 to $1.60 a litre c.f Vancouver at $1.40. It is also pretty much light all the time.