Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tok - Alaska

5 Jun
Never really got dark last night and ride to Tok was cold. Crossed the border into Alaska proper just south of Tok so this is the end of BC for a while. Saw both black and grizzly bears today and almost got run down by a moose that jumped out from the undergrowth. Staying at Thompson's Eagles Claw motorcycle park run by a couple of motorcyclists for motorcyclists. They have tent sites and some fixed accommodation blocks and a workshop for visitors. Changed oil – 4022 km to date. On target date wise so have made up for delayed start in Vancouver. Tok is a cluster of shops and services on an intersection. One way goes to Anchorage and the other to Fairbanks. There is a relaxed and casual feel about the place.
Met the guy with the Ultra on the back of his truck. Sure beats an F150. Seems he got sick of 10 years on the haul road so is heading to the lower 48 to start a bike moving business.