Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dust 2 Dawson

Site of the D2D dinner

HQ of the D2D

Midnight sun over Yukon River on 21 Jun

Dawson City at midnight. Yukon River

There are over 120 bikers here for the D2D. Furtherest traveled came from Florida and there were three foreigners - Holland, Germany and NZ. Toured the town in the morning and the #4 dredge in the afternoon. Cleaned the bike.
D2D function in the evening with photo and sticker session at mid night.
Sat 21 Jun
Most of the guests in the B&B left this morning leaving 1 biker couple and me. Changed my rear tyre with the help of Dick, the owner of the Downtown Hotel, and the local NAPA tyre change facility. My U beaut tyre tool did not work. Dick proved to be a God send - he arranged for a sprocket to come from Vancouver to Dawson and the system worked. No one else managed to succeed at sorting it.
Found a grave yard of stern wheel paddle boats so spent time picking over the bones. At midnight (solstice) rode up Dome Hill to join the others in watching the sun trying to set. At midnight it was still high in the sky but by 1.30am it was just below the horizon. You need to be at the arctic circle for it to remain above the horizon.
All-in-all a relaxing day.

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