Wednesday, July 23, 2008


3 Jun
It's getting colder and not helped much by being overcast. Ride into Skagway was excellent but freezing especially over the mountain pass. All the lakes and rivers are still frozen over but the sun was out so was not so bad. Crossed into the US today for the first time. I had all these documents for the bike and they were not remotely interested. Seems that if the bike is OK for Canada it is OK to them. All the official did was stamp my passport with a picture of a steam train. I found out the significance in the afternoon - there is a historic train ride into the mountains.
There are 4 cruise ships in town – this is a tourist town, big time. I gather that most of the retail stores are also owned by the shipping line. Stayed at Sgt Preston's Lodge – expensive but nice and warm after lasts nights shiver. Took side trip to Dyea, the entry point of the 1898 Klondikers heading to the gold fields. 420 ks today. Had dinner with another biker on an F650 also staying at Sgt Preston's.